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5 Life Hacks For Everyone


5 Life Hacks For Everyone

1.) Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games

2.) Mosquito bite? Press a hot spoon to the spot. The heat will destroy the reaction and stop the itching

3.) If your phone freezes plug it into a charger. That will free it up again

4.) Before frying sprinkle a little salt on the pan, that will prevent oil from splattering

5.) Googling a computer problem? Add “solved” to the search query to find the answer much faster

Check It Out! Make A Donation.


Hey wizards and witches, ghouls and goblins, and lets not forget the wonderful muggles. I’ve just started my own campaign to raise money for both the Childrens Hospital and the Waterkeeper Alliance. It’s a part of a school project I’m going to be working on for the next few months. You can make donations for either or both using the donation buttons in the left column. Also, I just started a new blog,, it’s where I’ll be showcasing my photography, which I’ll also have for sale in my Etsy shop.There will also be donation buttons on that blog. 100% of the proceeds made from these donations and from my Etsy sales will be given straight to the Childrens Hospital and the Waterkeeper Alliance. Thank you for reading, thank you for following and thank you, any of you who donates or makes a purchase. Remember, every penny counts!  

Reflection: The Last Mountain


The Last Mountain  is a documentary about Mountain Top Removal, and its negative impact on the communities of the Coal River Valley in West Virginia. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Mountain Top Removal is a form of surface mining that involves the mining of the summit of a mountain. The coal seams are extracted from a mountain by removing the overburden, above the seams. Explosives are used to remove up to 400 vertical feet of mountain to expose underlying coal seams.The land may be dumped back on the ridge and constructed in order to reflect the approximate original shaping of the mountain. Excess rock and soil laden with toxic mining byproducts are often dumped into nearby valleys, in what are called “holler fills” or “valley fills.” It is the main method of coal mining in the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States.

The documentary reflects on how this method is destructive to the land, air, water and over all health of those who live in the communities below the mountains. It features Bobby Kennedy Jr. who works with the environmentalists of the communities. They put together rallies and protests in order to stop the actions of coal companies such as Massey Energy Company which is America’s 3rd Largest coal company, does more mountaintop removal mining than any other company, and controls all the coal mining in Coal River Valley. 28 of Massey’s impoundment’s (a large pool where they store their radioactive sludge. The one shown in Coal River Mountain holds 2.8 billion gallons of said sludge) have spilled 24 times in the last decade, contaminating rivers with 309 million gallons of the sludge, which was more than twice the amount released in BP’s gulf disaster.

Massey so far has been  the environmentalists biggest enemy. In the sense that the company wants their money, has employees to get work done and are willing to fight for their jobs, and has enough support of government officials to keep going with their production plans. The biggest mean of shutting down the companies actions has been  civil disobedience, which in one campaign had been successful in halting the operations for a solid 9 days before a snow storm forced them out.

This film really gets you thinking, is the death and destruction caused by these companies really necessary?  And I mean, no its definitely not, that’s why there are regulations prohibiting this kind of thing. But we have the technology, or at least are very close to it in order to create clean, safe, green energy for the country.

This is definitely a film worth watching, I found it as a $3 rental on amazon.

This Just In: Chemical Spill in West Virginia


Weeks after spilling almost 10,000 gallons of chemicals into West Virginia’s Elk River, chemical maker Freedom Industries filed another toxic leak at their facility in Charleston. Although officials say that none of the chemicals have reached the river. Workers for Freedom Industries hit an underground pipe, unleashing water and the same chemicals that leaked out into the Elk River. The first spill basically contaminating drinking water for almost 300,000 residents. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is still not positive about the amount of material spilled into one of the cutoff trenches. The incident occurred around 7pm EST on January 9, 2014. Mike Dorsey responded to the incident stating that “It wasn’t so much of an incident. None of the stuff got into the river.” He describes the spill as a “trickle”. However on that Friday, five schools were reported to have high chemical levels in the water supply. Although they were under the detectable levels set by the Federal Centers for Disease Control, they are about West Virginias “non-detect” levels.


Although the levels were below the detection level, it is still dangerous. Who would want to be ingesting the same chemicals that we use to clean coal? Not to mention the comment made by Mr.Dorsey, about the spill being a “trickle”, if a spill contaminating almost 300,000 residents water, I wonder what he’d consider a full out flood, the whole country? I think his comment was an understatement, trying to make it look as though he hadn’t completely failed in protecting the health of the people in those communities.


If any of you get a chance to watch the video (link can be found at the bottom of this post but be warned its almost two hours) it’s a panel of senators discussing the spill that took place. Senator Ben Cardin, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Water & Wildlife, stated the failure and the “reckless conduct of a private company, Freedom Industries, were responsible for the spill and the failure to report it properly”. He advised that we need to strengthen our laws and regulations about the protection of our wildlife, and water, and environment. Which is very true. Now we have many fuel companies (coal industry, hydraulic fracking, oil) taking over different parts of the US to drill/mine/extract, and without proper rules and regulations, these companies can do whatever they like and not have to take responsibility and fix what they can potentially do. They have the ability to completely destroy nature and wildlife and ruin the quality of life for millions of people.


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A Short Story: In Sanity


    The clock on the wall ticks away the seconds. The hour with Dr.Rodgold came and went almost instantly. I guess I expected that, thats the way its been all month. It’s my last month here at the Ronwin Center For Troubled Boys. No matter what the name said, we all knew what this place was, an insane asylum. Not the kind with torture rooms behind every other metal door, where blood and sweat stains decorate the grey, cracking, concrete floor, or with guards and their vicious dogs standing watch at every corner, or where it seems like the sun never shines and grass never grows… But still not far from. The sun shines, but its too lonely, guards aren’t  everywhere but if you’ve been here long enough you’ll develop the constant panic and anxiety one gets when being followed, even if deep down you know you’re not. There are no torture rooms, as far as I’ve seen. But on occasion I see men in red uniforms scrambling into a seemingly empty room and a few hours later I can catch the nauseatingly strong scent of ammonia and other ridiculously powerful cleansers. Then the next morning after the scene, there would be cupcakes, a “Boy of the week” poster and a brief announcement celebrating “The release of another beautiful soul into the shining world”, all put together to distract the other boys from attempting to figure out if the boy was dead or was truly release. In the grand scheme of things I guess it was irrelevant whether or not he was dead, its not like any of us were really that close to one another. Upon arriving to our quaint little asylum, you’re assigned a number, and thats what everyone but your doctor knows you as. Its not against the rules to have friends, it just seems odd to call out something like “Hey 00166!” in the middle of the hall or lunch room. People do it of course, but only the ones who are 100% sure they’ll be stuck here for the rest of their lives. “Lucas…Lucas!”, Dr.Rodgold was snapping in my direction and calling my name. “Oh…sorry doctor, just got lost in  my thoughts again”. His eyes scanned my face for a long time, “Anything you’d like to talk about?” I tapped my foot once, then remembering I was in the office of a trained professional I shook my head. “Uh… no sir, just a wandering thought. Nothing to really fuss about”. We sat in a ponderous silence till the final  minutes of the session were over. He stood first, then myself, we shook hands and I walked out. The hallway looked almost holy, sterile white walls with blinding sunlight piercing through the well polished bars on the windows. I made my way down to the meal hall, my black rubber shoes squeaking with every other step. The roaring sound of people in the hall hit me first, followed by the stale stench of week old soup mixed with the wondrous smell of fresh bread. I trudged in, got a tray, loaded it, and went to my usual table in the corner and began to eat.

    The next few weeks went a lot like this, weekly sessions with  Dr.Rodgold, the loud meal hall, and all the faces that were familiarly unrecognizable. Every day was simply me going through the motions. But during me last week, things seemed different, people noticed me less. No one even glances at me in the halls, the staff paid less attention to my day to day activities. Even my last talk with Dr.Rodgold seemed weird. He was the one acting distant… Every other thing I said was followed by a very elegant “Huh?..What?..Excuse me?..”. Admittedly it was quite annoying, but I could hold my tongue.

    That Friday, March 15 2020, was my last day. I got my trunk, which upon arrival I had to leave in a secure room due to its “dangerous  nature”, and started packing my belongings. As I was packing, I dropped my snowglobe, the only outside object I truly cared about. It smashed into pieces on contact, glass, liquid, and glitter coated the floor. The base rolled under the bed, so naturally I kneeled down and wiggled under it so I could reach. Then all of a sudden I felt an electric shock at the base of my spine and in an instant I was paralyzed. Around me I could make out shadows, and distinctive red sneakers and pants. They lifted me, carried me off into a large black room, one to my knowledge never existed, and injected something into my arm. I guess I’ve got my answer to the inmate’s long unanswered question. And like that, I was gone.

*Original Story By Me