Should Clean Freshwater Be Considered A Renewable Resource?


The big question…Should clean freshwater be considered a renewable resource? In my opinion, of course not! Yes there’s a water cycle that constantly moves water and “replenishes” it, but that doesn’t help if the water that goes up is contaminated. We’re taught that water will virtually never run out, how its a constant in our lives, and that’s true, but to an extent. When that water is full of chemicals and waste, it’s of no use to us anymore. Our planet is less than 3% freshwater, and every day, more of it is being pumped with toxic chemicals from factories, being polluted by our trash and therefore, is becoming more scarce for human and animal life. It needs to be taught that our freshwater is too valuable to just be called unlimited, because that’s translated to “oh well it doesn’t matter if this river gets destroyed, these people will get there water from somewhere else”, when more often than not that’s not the case. For the sake of human beings, freshwater needs to be treated with more care, and be better protected, because unfortunately, if there’s not a change, there wont be any freshwater for any of us.